The 3rd-6th Grade Experience: JJPBT Ikar

Ikar is Hebrew for “core”. Students in 3rd-6th grade are strengthening their core Jewish identity by creating strong relationships with friends, teachers and clergy, and by experiencing Judaism through five distinct Pathways using multiple learning modalities.

What does this mean? It means our children are having a wonderful time, making friends, creating community, all while becoming literate Jews! Though we encourage families to start their children as early as Kindergarten (K-2 is amazing!), all students are expected to formally begin in third grade.

Each 3rd-6th grader has two semesters per year during which she or he will explore various aspects of Jewish teachings and Jewish living. Students will choose a Hebrew course as well as one (or two, if so desired) Judaics course. Courses are offered on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

On-line Hebrew option: Students in 4th-6th grade are able to study Hebrew through an on-line program called Hebrew Homepage. We recommend this option for those who simply cannot attend JJPBT on any of the days offered (we do prefer our students to study in class with peers when possible). As it is a one on one program, students who learn through Hebrew Homepage will be charged an additional tuition fee. Speak to Sara Losch or Jennifer Katz-Goldstein for more information.

Choosing Courses: In order to take full advantage of JJP, students should take courses in each of the five Pathways. Sara, Jennifer and Rabbi Steiner are here to advise families about the course offerings and how to choose which will give students the most well rounded curriculum of study.