The 7th Grade Experience: JJPBT B’nai Mitzvah

Getting ready to climb a beautiful mountain: You’ve learned Hebrew. You are getting better at chanting the prayers. You know about the Jewish holidays and how we celebrate them (and even why!). You know that a mitzvah is an obligation and you can name many of them. You’ve done a lot of work to get here. You’re at the top of them mountain, right?

Not exactly!

The hard work (and fun!) of the past years gave you the tools, the “clothing” and your internal GPS to be ready to begin a new kind of Jewish study. Becoming a Bat or Bar Mitzvah (B’nai is plural) means that you are becoming a full member of the Jewish community – the Jewish community everywhere, Klal Yisrael! It is, indeed, a big thing.

What happens in 7th grade?: You will strengthen your chanting and Hebrew reading, working together in class with your friends as you all go through – and cheer each other on – this exciting time together. You’ll work on your Mitzvah Mission together in a Donation Creation Station, making things to donate around the world. You’ll learn about the Holocaust, hearing stories of real people who lived through it and others who saved Jews. And you’ll challenge each other as you explore Jewish teachings on ethics.

7th grade is exciting and busy and overwhelming. We’ll be with you and your family every step of the way, helping it to be a wonderful year with as little stress as possible!