Getting Started

The Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple is open to all children in Kindergarten-12th grade!

Shalom! Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple (JJPBT). We hope you have browsed our website for information about this innovative program.

How to Participate


JJPBT Keren (“foundation”) K-2nd grade students, 7th grade JJPBT B’nai Mitzvah students, and 8th-12th grade JJPBT Maayan (“the source”) students have one step only. For the 2018-19 year,the Temple is transitioning to a new data system called ShulCloud. Families will receive registration directions explaining how to provide us with necessary data about your children (including health and allergy info) and you’ll let us know how you want to pay your bill (online, by check or credit card). Once this step is done, you’ll receive a confirmation, a bill will be sent, and you’ll be done.

JJPBT Ikar (“core”) 3rd-6th grade students will also complete this information. You MUST pre-register on this site BEFORE you can register for courses on JJPBT. You will then receive a hard copy of the newest Course Guide in the mail. Discuss choices with your child before registration opens for that semester. Your child will register for one Hebrew course and one or two (up to you) Judaics course in one of the other five Pathways.

To register your child(ren) for JJPBT:

2. Register

A username and password to register will be sent to all new families once you have submitted your Temple Membership Dues and Payment for the year.

3. Select Your Courses

When you are ready to register: Click on the “Courses” menu, where you will see all the courses offered that semester. Find the courses your child would like to attend and click the green button. If you are registering more than one child, repeat this process for each child, using each child’s own username.

You may begin requesting courses for your child(ren) on or after 9am on the day of registration. Please note that all registrations will be accepted by the system within the first 48 hours of registration. If any course is over-enrolled,we wil contact you to ask for your child’s second choice course.

There is a minimum registration of ten students per course.

4. Confirm or Change Your Courses

On the Thursday of registration week, log back into the website. Click “My Courses” under the “Courses” tab. You will see your child’s schedule for the semester. You may alter your child’s schedule at any point. Follow the instructions above to add a class to your child’s schedule. To withdraw your child from a class, go to the “My Courses” page under “Courses” heading.

5. Tuition

Tuition by grade for 2018-2019 JJPBT:

Kindergarten, First and Second grade: $900

3rd grade: $1330*

4th grade: $1370*^

5th and 6th grade: $1330*

7th grade: $1075

8th, 9th, 10th grade: $1075

11th and 12th grade: $335
*This fee allows your child to take two courses each semester, a Hebrew class, and the three yearly mandatory Sunday, family LEV (Learning Elevates Values) Classes.

^ Covers cost of 4th grade siddur

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Sara Losch at 201-848-1027.