TAG : The Kathie F. Williams TAG Scholarship Challenge
The Kathie F. Williams TAG Scholarship Challenge is an important component of the Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple. Designed to incentivize and excite students in grades 3-6 and their families, TAG supports engagement in Jewish learning and life, specifically through three of the Pathways: TORAH (study), AVODAH (spirituality and ritual) and GEMILUT CHASADIM (acts of human kindness through mitzvot). By tracking their TAG points, students may qualify for scholarships of $360 and $3,600.

Third through sixth graders earn TAG points by participating in worship and different Jewish rituals and activities, on-site and outside of Barnert. Students who participate in TAG write reflections on their Jewish experiences and track their participation in holiday and Shabbat rituals, and in performing mitzvot. Students earn special TAG bands (rubber bracelets) and TAGlettes, (similar to CROC “Jibbitz” charms).

New this year :Those Seventh-Eighth Graders who wish to apply for the Grand Prize of up to $3600 ,will do a semester of work with Sara Losch. This work will include a meaningful, serious, academic and creative Jewish exploration of a particular idea. The Grand Prize is presented in May.